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Eprefix develop high-quality, responsive websites that will engage your viewers. We also redesign and update existing web sites.

Eprefix keeps the client up to date on new pioneering technologies and how they may benefit their existing website or future website.


Eprefix understands deadlines and we haven’t missed one yet. From the first stages of the project we inform the client what the realistic timescale for each individual stage of the build so there are no nasty surprises as the deadline approaches.

If we have to work extra hours to achieve the promised deadline then that is exactly what Eprefix will do.


We stick to the design and will always strive to make sure that the design comes across on all platforms and browsers.

From the start we discuss which browsers the client wishes to support.

We have some of the best designers around at our disposal so all avenues of design are explored and we try and push the boundaries as well.


Eprefix have been building and designing pioneering websites since 1999. We specialise in pushing the boundaries of design and development.

We can also adopt existing websites and bring them up to date without the problem of having to re populate the data.

We also work with top design agencies to build designs supplied. We can work invisibly and are always on hand to support all projects across the board.


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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HTML Email Templates

HTML Email Templates

Eprefix Authors 100% compatible HTML email templates. We fully test all our templates across all email clients for maximum deliverability.



Eprefix offers a full professional hosting service that can be tailored to a clients/projects needs. Our servers are always kept up to date with all the latest hardware and software available. They are also kept in a secure environment and are monitored 24hrs 7 days a week for maximum up time.



Eprefix has specialised in Wordpress for over 10 years, so you could say we are Gurus on this platform.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Eprefix offers a website maintenance service which is scalable depending on the work to be carried out each month. We will make sure that your website is kept up to date and secure. We will backup your website daily and also have an off server backup as well. We also offer a monitoring service as well.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Eprefix has not missed a deadline yet. We pride ourselves with delivering all projects on time.

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